By- The Outsourcing Institute

Video Interview: Talking Digital Convergence & Transformation with Outsourcing Institute’s Principal of Digital Transformation Practice & Co-chair of the Digital Convergence Conference, Gregory North

Gregory North joins Outsourcing Institute President, Daniel Goodstein, to examine digital convergence and transformation within the enterprise.

The interview explores:

  • What is Convergence and What is Happening in the Marketplace?
  • Buyers vs. Providers – How will I Be Effected by Digital Convergence?
  • Advice on How to Go About Digital Transformation: Digital Acuity vs. Digital Agility vs. Digital Affinity
  • How to Adapt to the Digitally Fueled Outsourcing and Automated Environment
  • Challenges & Advice to Companies Embarking in Digital Transformation

Gregory North will moderate a panel about how analytics and data science can drive competitiveness at this year’s event. Don’t miss out–to learn more about the topics, speakers and sessions, download the agenda.