There is only one Outsourcing Institute. As the world’s largest and only neutral professional association dedicated solely to outsourcing, emerging tech and digital enterprise transformation, our ever-growing membership-based network holds strong relationships and ties to enterprise buyers, market influencers, advisors and the media. With the largest outsourcing network in the world with more than 70,000  executives and one of the most trafficked outsourcing portals on the internet at, OI has grown to become the go-to-source for those seeking targeted sales and marketing traction and ROI in the outsourcing space since its founding by industry pioneer Frank Casale in 1993.
OI’s Service Provider Solutions Group gives you unique access to high market visibility and qualified selling opportunities. Marketing and sales are our core competencies. Our skills are honed every day as we communicate with our members. The result: We can deliver your targeted messages to OI members quickly and efficiently, influence the influencers and convert buyer interest into opportunities for your organization.
If you’re interested in Outsourcing Leads, Exposure and Thought Leadership opportunities, our online and offline venues reach outsourcing decision makers. Our products include from one-off promotional mechanisms, including webinars, video, site sponsorship, whitepapers/published content and industry events, to integrated performance-based marketing and lead generation programs. Download our Media Kit here to view the full scope of programs available for anyone selling or marketing into this space.