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General Question's

What is is the premier and most comprehensive website about Outsourcing field. With a huge business, attractions and destinations directory, you can find everything you need to know about everything in Outsourcing field. With advanced social features, you can add you own content on as well as share everything on the website with the world!

Do I have to pay to use

No. is absolutely free to use.

What can I do on

On you can find detailed information about businesses in Outsourcing field, you can write reviews, add photos, videos and other content and you can participate in an active online community of users.

Where do you get your list of businesses and their information?

From various online and offline public resources, as well as from the efforts of our staff walking down every single street in Outsourcing field and gathering information, photos and videos.

Is the information on each business accurate?

We try our best to keep information on correct and up-to-date and are always improving our content. However, as we depend greatly on users for this, some information may not be 100% accurate. If you see some information that is not accurate, please inform us.

Why isn’t a specific business on

Our aim is to include every single business in Outsourcing field on If you cannot find a specific business on, then it means we haven’t gotten to adding it yet, but if you know its details you can easily add it.

Can I add a business?

Yes, of course! If you know a business’ details (name, address, contact information, type of business), you can add it to our directory in a matter of seconds!

Why isn’t my search producing any results?

It is possible that the exact word you are searching for was not found in the names of the businesses in our directory. You can try searching using a different spelling or browsing through the business category the business is in and filtering your results to narrow your search.

Why are there some results appearing as I type my search?

The search box is designed to offer you suggestions as you type your search terms. This increases the chances to find what you are searching and makes finding what you are looking for faster and easier.

What does the “Verified” checkmark mean?

Verified means that we have manually checked and verified that the information on a business is accurate and that it profile is as complete as possible.

Why do some businesses have more information on their profiles than others?

There are 3 levels for a business profile. First, there are unclaimed profiles, where we have listed businesses on but their owner has not claimed and filled their profile with information. Then there are claimed profiles which are most likely to have more information on them because their owner is maintaining them. Finally, there are the Verified Profiles that are paying for extra features on their profiles and are likely to have even more information. Also, since users can add reviews, photos and videos to profiles, it is also a function of how much user activity there is on a specific profile.

What is considered inappropriate content?

Our definition of inappropriate includes, but is not limited to, any content that is offensive, obscene, ill-intended or intentionally inaccurate. We will remove any inappropriate content as soon as we become aware of its existence and we reserve the right to restrict access on the website to the user who has added it.

I noticed something inappropriate on the site. What do I do?

Users can flag inappropriate content in order to draw our attention to it. Under each individual content that is added on the website, there is an image of a red flag. If you see content that is inappropriate, please click on the red flag and submit the Report Inappropriate Content form. Our staff will review your report and remove the content if it is indeed inappropriate.

Member Question's

Do I need to be a member to use

No. You can view all the content on and find information without signing up.

Can I add content to the site without being a member?

No. In order to add content like reviews, photos, videos etc. on, you need to have a member account.

How can I become a member?

To become a member, you sign up with your name and email. After you confirm your email by clicking on the link in the email we will send you, you will be logged in. It will take you 1 minute! If you have a Facebook account, you don’t even need to sign up. Just Connect with Facebook and you’re done. No passwords to remember! even pulls your publicly available information from Facebook so that your content is accompanied by your details.

Can I edit my personal information?

Yes. Just click on the My Profile link in your member account and you can edit all the fields, including your email and password. If you are connected through Facebook the details on your account are taken from Facebook. If you want them changed you will have to do it on Facebook.

Can I change my email and password?

Yes. You can change them from the My Profile link in your member account.

What information about me do you see when I connect with Facebook?

If you are connected through Facebook on, we and other users will only be able to see the information that Facebook makes publicly available about all their members, like your name, photo, current location, profile blurb, etc.

Can I have multiple member accounts on

No. We only allow an individual to maintain only one member account on We will remove multiple accounts for the same person as soon as we become aware of their existence.

How can I close my account

If you would like to close your account, please email us.

Do I benefit from adding content to the site?

Yes. First of all, you get to brag about it to your friends as you earn a spot in the Top Contributors ranking of Members who add a lot of content and climb in the rankings, may earn the title of Elite Member, that will provide them with benefits such as VIP passes to invitation-only parties and special events.

What kinds of things can I add to the site?

You can write reviews, add photos, add videos, geo-tag things on maps. contribute business details, write descriptions and also add businesses that are not in our database.

Will my information be visible on the site when I add content?

Yes. Every piece of content that you add is accompanied by your photo, your name and a link to your profile.

Can I remove content that I have added to the site?

Yes. You have control over the content you post on through your member account.

Can remove content that I have added to the site?

Yes. If we find that content is either inappropriate or irrelevant as to the place where it appears, then we will remove it from the site.

Does allow business owners to remove our content from their profiles?

No. Business owners are not able to remove content that users added on their profiles.

Why can I edit details for some businesses and for others I cannot?

When a business owner claims their business profile, other members on the site can no longer edit their details and descriptions.

Can I write reviews even if they are not positive?

Yes. You should write truthful and honest reviews.

I posted a review and now it has disappeared. What happened?

We may remove content from the site if we find it inappropriate or irrelevant. If you believe your content has been removed in error, please email us.

Business Owner Question's

Do I have to pay for my business to be included on

No. Your business can be included in and can have a detailed profile with information, photos, videos, reviews, maps and more, absolutely free!

I can’t find my business on What do I do?

If you cannot find your business in, then you can add it for free in seconds!

Can people visiting the site add information and content to my business profile?

Yes. People who have a member account on can contribute content to your profile, such as photos, videos and reviews.

Can I remove my business from

No. is a free service with publicly available information and provides a forum for the accumulation of content.

Can I control the profile of my business on

Yes. You can claim your business and control its profile.

How do I claim my business profile?

Just find your business on and click on the “Is This Your Business?” button to submit an online form and claim your business. After we make the necessary phone calls and confirm your claim, we will grant you access to control your business profile.

Do I have to pay to claim and control my business profile?

No. You can claim and control your business profile, add unlimited photos and videos, add a logo, answer to user reviews and more, absolutely free.

Can I control the profiles of more than one business?

Yes. If you own or manage more than one business, you can add all of your businesses on and claim and control their profiles.

Why are you giving detailed profiles to businesses for free?

We believe that this is the only way to make this a useful website for everyone. It encourages the addition of useful content that everyone can benefit from.

How do you make sure that a person who claims a business is who they say they are?

We call the business that he/she has claimed to be the owner or manager of. We do not approve a claim until we have spoken with the real owner of the business and have confirmed that he/she is indeed the person who has claimed the business or an authorized person.

What can I do with my free business profile?

Well, lots! You can start by adding as much information about your business as possible (details, photos, videos etc.) so that users get a lot of information when they visit your profile. Then, encourage your customers to write reviews about your business that can be helpful and insightful to other users. Also, you can encourage people to add content to your profile because the more “action” your profile gets, the more exposure it gets on the homepage and on Facebook.

I received a negative review. What do I do?

First of all, do not worry! Businesses get negative reviews from time to time, which is perfectly normal and will not necessarily harm your business. People are well aware that you can’t please everyone. You can choose to write your own comments on the review as the owner and give your perspective on the situation.

Someone added something inappropriate to my business profile. What do I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible by flagging the content. Under each individual content that is added on the website, there is an image of a red flag . If you see content that is inappropriate, please click on the red flag and submit the Report Inappropriate Content form. Our staff will review your report and remove the content if it is indeed inappropriate.

Can I remove a review, photo or video from my business profile?

Not always. You do not have access to remove photos, videos or reviews that users have added to your business profile. However, we will consider removing content that is inappropriate, ill-intended or irrelevant.

Why does my business not appear on the first page of results when browsing?

We cannot guarantee that your business profile will appear in the first page of the search results, especially when browsing categories and subcategories. If you want to increase your chances of appearing higher in the results, then you should consider upgrading your business to a Standard Listing.

Why are there ads on my business profile?

Free profiles on are likely to have sponsored ads appear on their profiles. If you do not want these ads to appear, then you should consider upgrading your business to a Standard Listing.

What are “Announcements”?

Business owners can use the Announcements feature on their business profile to announce anything about their business. It could be a Happy Hour at the local bar, that 20% discount, a special offer, a job classified or just something interesting that happened. Announcements also appear on the homepage in the live feed!

What is a Standard Listing and how much does it cost?

A Standard Listing is an enhanced business profile with helpful features and tools for promotion. you can find more about it here.

What happens if I go back to a Free Listing from a Standard Listing?

Your business profile will lose all the features and benefits that the Standard Listing offers. You can see a comparison of the different business profile types here.

Can I advertise using banners on

Yes. There are several sponsorship opportunities available on