Robert Wilkinson

Cyber Marathon Solutions is a strategic operational risk management firm, focusing on advising, building and enhancing cyber security and third party risk management programs. As CEO and Founder, Robert Wilkinson provides clients across multiple industries trusted advice to secure their critical assets, third party relationships and Internet presence, as well as management development programs. Mr. Wilkinson has a 30-year background in financial services, along with extensive cross-industry and board-level experience in operational risk management and all aspects of information security. His focus is on actionable, results-oriented client programs.

Robert’s specialties include Information Technology, Information Security, Operational Risk Management, Third Party Risk Management, Cyber Security, Regulatory coordination, Anti-Money Laundering, Policy development and implementation, Continuity of Business, Audit and Regulatory / Controls, and Compliance. He also has extensive global experience, having worked in 45 countries and various locations in the United States.

Robert was previously the Chairman of Shared Assessments Program, and is currently serving on the Shared Assessments Program Advisory Board.