Frank Casale

Frank Casale
Founder & CEO, IRPA AI

IMG_0799Frank J. Casale is Founder and CEO of The Outsourcing Institute (OI) as well as the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI). Established in 1993, OI is a global marketplace and community of 70,000+ executive members including leading practitioners, service providers, advisors, thought leaders, industry observers and analysts. The mission of OI is to leverage the collective wisdom and best practices of this evolving outsourcing ecosystem along with the latest abilities of internet technologies to enable powerful alternatives for learning, networking, career development, publishing, transacting and relationship management for those in the outsourcing arena.

A pioneer and visionary leader with more than 15 years of outsourcing expertise, Mr. Casale continuously monitors industry and business trends to better identify new ways to increase the overall efficiencies, speed and success of outsourcing transactions and relationships.

He is noted for designing innovative industry tools, such as The Outsourcing Index, the premier state-of the-industry report on U.S. outsourcing, and for reliably anticipating market developments, such as the emerging role of the Chief Resource Officer (CRO), Outsourcing 2.0, and OI’s new Intelligence Network a virtual outsourcing community and marketplace.

His ability to identify industry needs and anticipate trends has led him to recently form the Institute for Robotic Process Automation. IRPA is an independent professional association and knowledge forum for the buyers, sellers, influencers and analysts of robotic process automation. The network and advisory services offer leading-edge market intelligence, industry research, best practices, latest trends, expert interviews and commentary from the pioneers and thought leaders of robotic process automation. IRPA offers alliance-building opportunities for stakeholders across service industry functions and helps business leaders position themselves at the cutting edge of knowledge work technology. As the CEO for the Automation Accelerator, a new business unit that harnesses the vast ecosystem of IRPA, Frank leads a team of seasoned professionals that help companies fast-track their assessment, integration and implementation of RPA, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing technologies.

Featured on CNN and CNBC, Mr. Casale is a leading commentator on outsourcing issues by major business and news organizations including The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, FORTUNE magazine and The New York Times. An expert on the strategic utilization of people, processes and technology, Mr. Casale is a leading advisor to hundreds of organizations in their efforts to leverage internal and external resources efficiently and effectively. As creator of the first, largest and only neutral professional association in outsourcing, Mr. Casale continually sets the standard for outsourcing best practices.