OAISS Chicago – Presentations

2018 Look Ahead and the Digital & Automation Marketplace

Everything is going digital. Everyone knows they must automate. But what really is the current state of the digital and automation landscape? Which trends are taking root? What topics are new, noise, necessary…? Carlos explores how today’s digital toolset will enable bold transformations in enterprises around the world.

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AI for IT Ops

How can IT decrease cost and improve End-user experience? The Enterprise must embrace Intelligent Automation and IT is low hanging fruit.  Where should you start? What legacy paradigms must be transitioned to drive your transformation?

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Cloud Contracting and the Digitization of the Sourcing Process — an Overview of the Results of Our Annual Survey on Cloud Contracting

For the last several years, Baker McKenzie has been surveying industry participants on key issues and trends related to cloud contracting. This year, we expanded the scope of our survey to assess the full impact of digitization on the sourcing process globally. We will present an overview of our results and explore how digitization is disrupting and optimizing the sourcing process.

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