By- Outsourcing Institute

IT Outsourcing is not about Cost Savings – Lessons from IT Leaders

Successful IT outsourcing calls for a collaborative partnership between an organization and its IT provider in which everyone works towards defining and delivering higher levels of business value. When the primary focus shifts from cost savings to creating business value, the outsourcing relationship moves away from solely contract terms and service-level agreements towards a fully integrated, forward-thinking model that is directly aligned to the business strategy.
IT leaders often struggle to align outsourcing activities toward driving better business outcomes. This webinar will offer real perspectives from IT leaders including Mike Lang, former CIO at Honeywell International about how companies can leverage outsourcing as a catalyst for transformation and will demonstrate how outsourcing can become a vehicle to transform the service delivery model, bring new levels of speed and agility, and accelerate the journey toward becoming a digital business.

The webinar will provide actionable insights to:

  • Liberate people from commodity tasks, allowing them to realign toward improving the customer experience, addressing exploratory technologies, and moving confidently into the digital enterprise.
  • Discover new ways to deliver services that boost the agility, speed, and flexibility at which the organization operates.
  • Go beyond cost savings by enabling the organization to achieve greater competitive advantage.