Exclusive Interview with VP Automation from Deutsche Telekom

IRPA AI Founder, Frank Casale, Speaks to VP Automation & Department Development at Deutsche Telekom Technical Services about his role and the significant benefits of RPA and AI.

Frank Casale: What role have you played in DBs Automation journey?

Zeiss_SebastianSebastian Zeiss: I have introduced the concept of RPA to the technical services division of Deutsche Telekom and run the first POC. As that convinced our top management I got the role to create a team that would run the robots, and equally important identify new potentials and actually find ways to digitize our processes. In later stages I was also tasked with identifying and implementing new technologies that would help us to even further digitize our process landscape.

Frank Casale: What has been your biggest lesson learned so far? 

Sebastian Zeiss: It´s about people and ideas à RPA is just a tool and you really night the right people with the right ideas to successfully implement automation concepts. That is even more true for cognitive automation. You need both: top down and bottom up commitment. For a successful start the top management needs to fully support what you do, only that will allow you to overcome barriers. And equally important, the frontline employees have to be willing to play along, so change really plays an important role. Sometimes you need to be a “guerrilla” in your own company. if you always ask if you’re allowed to do something you won’t get anything done.

Frank Casale: Beyond cost save, what in your opinion is the most significant benefit of RPA and AI?

Sebastian Zeiss: There are several benefits:

  • Scalability -> Suddenly increasing transaction amounts can easily be covered with RPA (and AI), while it would be almost impossible to get more workforce on short notice
  • Quality increases -> Once you have programmed /trained a bot It will deliver perfect quality
  • Agility -> RPA/Bots allow you to develop new concepts agile.  You don’t need to make changes to your core systems, but you can still deliver helpful tools within a few months.

Sebastian Zeiss is the keynote speaker at the 4th Annual Automation Innovation event, on December 13th in London. He will presents thought provoking ideas about the future of RPA, AI and cognitive, as well as their expected impacts on corporations, citizens, laws, and the industry players who will be introducing revolutionary technologies. For more information on his session, and a glimpse at the other high-level speakers, take a look at the agenda. To receive a copy directly to your inbox, email