By- The Outsourcing Institute

Digital – The Key to Unlocking Operational Transformation: Using Analytics & AI to Increase Process Intelligence

Today’s companies are no longer satisfied with traditional slow-burn outsourcing models. To achieve improvements in business outcomes as well as step changes in process costs, they must match skills with new “digital” competitors, with the following objectives:

  • Greater automation and digitalization of both front- and back-office activity resulting in a step change in both cost and customer engagement
  • Better contract flexibility with a new emphasis on delivering business outcomes
  • Improved ability to identify and implement change with reduced time to benefit

Using Analytics & AI to Increase Process Intelligence

Analytics was frequently used in traditional outsourcing contracts, in particular to identify breakdowns in processes causing sources of error and rework. And the nature of this use of analytics was frequently project based and reactive.

However, there have been major developments in analytics and artificial intelligence in recent years with the result that analytics is increasingly being built into processes to provide ongoing process insight rather than being used as a standalone project-based add-on. At the same time, analytics and AI are increasingly being used in a more predictive role, with the new generations of AI increasingly being applied in customer service to make recommendations to both agents and potentially direct to customers. This webcast will investigate the extent to which these trends are being realized and it is now possible to move from rear-mirror facing, project-based analytics to predictive analytics in support of process and customer optimization.

Featured Expert Speaker:

  • John Willmott, CEO, NelsonHall
  • Craig Saunders, Managing Director, Analytics Resource Center, Xerox Services
  • Daniel Goodstein, President, Media & Events Business, Outsourcing Institute and Institute for Robotic Process Automation