By- Outsourcing Institute

Digital – The Key to Unlocking Operational Transformation: Impact of Disruptive/Enabling Technologies on Operations

Today’s companies are no longer satisfied with traditional slow-burn outsourcing models. To achieve improvements in business outcomes as well as step changes in process costs, they must match skills with new “digital” competitors, with the following objectives:

  • Greater automation and digitalization of both front- and back-office activity resulting in a step change in both cost and customer engagement
  • Better contract flexibility with a new emphasis on delivering business outcomes
  • Improved ability to identify and implement change with reduced time to benefit

Our series of four webinars explores how organizations can achieve these goals:

Impact of Disruptive/Enabling Technologies on Operations
This webinar will look at examples of how outsourcing is being used to introduce “change-the-business” initiatives: new, typically digital, ways of working using technologies such as IoT to assist organizations in competing in native digital form with the digital disruptors impacting their sector.

Featured Expert Speakers:

  • John Willmott, CEO, NelsonHall
  • R.G. Conlee, Chief Innovation Officer & Automation, Analytics and Innovation Global Capability Leader, Xerox
  • Daniel Goodstein, President, Outsourcing Institute