Customer experience as competitive advantage

Your brand is only as strong as the experiences you create for your customers.

The experience is the message.

The effectiveness of traditional marketing strategies continues to diminish in the face of new technologies, changing customer behavior, and rising customer expectations. The impact of marketing communications has been trumped by the real-life experiences consumers enjoy (or fail to enjoy) when interacting with a brand across the enterprise at every physical and digital touch point.

Indeed, the very definition of brand may be changing. It’s no longer just a logo, or a visual or verbal expression, or even the promise made to customers. A business’s brand is now comprised of the sum total of the actual experiences it delivers.

Experience matters. This five-part series explores the importance and power of customer experience in today’s experience economy. A new installment will be released every few weeks (and added to this page), so be sure to check back for more.

A x-industry framework for CX
Creating and delivering brand-defining customer experiences is a direct result of…