White Paper: Turbo-Charging Your Process Automation

Across all industries and geographies, organizations are striving for that competitive edge. Traditionally, gaining a leg up over competitors means developing new products and services, entering new markets or wringing costs out of processes. Outsourcing—IT, business operations and other functions—have all inevitably played a key role in the past. Now, organizations are looking for automation to drive additional efficiencies. Although earlier automation solutions helped many organizations achieve operational and financial benefits, initial improvements have typically plateaued as first-generation tools and approaches have reached a point of diminishing returns in their effort to reduce manual work.

Today, organizations need to look for new automation platforms that go beyond deterministic and predictive analytics to embrace a much higher level of cognitive automation to reduce and eliminate manual work in favor of robotic process automation. Artificial intelligence should be at the heart of an organization’s latest efforts to automate manual tasks, freeing up human resources for higher-value activities.

IRPA AI has written a white paper together with EdgeVerve that will help companies rethink automation for new use cases and to help drive greater business benefits.

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