The New Contingent Workforce: What Drives the Future of Work – Today

The use of today’s contingent workforce raises many critical questions for the employers who hire them. From understanding the psychographic and fiscal drivers that motivate these workers, to the macro-economic issues that guide larger workplace dynamics, employers are challenged. They are challenged by needing to know what impresses, attracts and retains this group sufficiently enough to position the company as a place the contingent labor pool will want to work. For many employers, this requires understanding the “vibe” of a workforce of Talentsumers, technologically empowered workers who are living through a revolution in the workplace and who are in search of work/life integration. Employers also must develop a keen awareness of the needs of the organization itself. Done well, the process can transform both contingent and permanent workers into brand ambassadors, and elevate the company in the marketplace as an employer of choice.