By- Alsbridge

Six Predictions: Vendor Management Capabilities Take Center Stage

In today’s outsourcing marketplace, complex, multi-vendor service delivery models offer the potential benefit of leveraging best-of-breed capabilities. However, they also pose the formidable challenge of integrating and coordinating myriad players with varying roles and responsibilities and ensuring collaboration among a disparate team of providers. In addition, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements in many industries put the onus on client organizations to ensure compliance throughout the service delivery chain and to maintain oversight across multiple third-party relationships.

As a result of these pressures, vendor management and governance are becoming top priorities. While these areas have traditionally been overlooked and under-funded, enterprises are recognizing that lack of governance is a key driver of value leakage in outsourcing. Moreover, clients understand that enhanced third-party oversight, risk mitigation and compliance capabilities are essential to achieving tangible value from provider relationships and to responding to today’s competitive and industry imperatives.

This Alsbridge white paper outlines six predictions for the coming year related to vendor management and governance and discusses how enterprises can take advantage of emerging trends and capabilities.