By- WGroup

Next Generation Outsourcing and the Global Enterprise Model (GEM)

When Outsourcing Can Create Value through Fundamentally Changing the Way You do Business.

This is an unparalleled time of transformation. Disruptive technologies such as cloud computing and the “as-a-service” model for software, infrastructure and platforms have led to fundamental changes in how
IT services are organized, managed and delivered—whether they are outsourced, insourced or a combination. The reality that IT services can be delivered to anywhere on the globe via the “Cloud” has accelerated the commoditization of IT. Ubiquitous access to IT services has lessened business units’ dependency on internal IT and shifted the IT organization’s prime role from process excellence to technology and service innovation. In WGroup’s Global Enterprise Model (GEM)(see figure 2), outsourcing plays a key role in the lifecycle. The strategic partnerships developed and maintained are critical to exploiting global trends. Key partners are recruited because of their core competencies in delivering optimized services that, in turn, enable the business to realize cost-effective results. Further, this enables IT to focus on its new role as service integrator, business strategist and driver of innovation for the business.