By- Antonio Ramírez

Including UX Professionals in Customer Strategy

Part 2 in the UX Team Series

We hope you’ve read the first article in this mini-series on the UX team. If you did, then you should be convinced that you need UX professionals involved in customer strategy, not just design. Now you may have found yourself wondering how that might look. You’re in luck because this second article in the mini-series answers just that.

Here’s what it would look like to integrate UX professionals into all parts of the strategy.

  • You would ask the right questions in order to find out in-depth who the persona/buyer/user is for your product/service.
  • You’d have a user-research informed map of the flow of how the user goes from point A to B in any situation.
  • You would audit your product/service to analyze if you can salvage any parts or if you need to start from scratch. Therefore saving you time and money.
  • You’d engage in fast prototyping, allowing you to iterate rapidly in development. This allows you to work on small chunks of your product. You analyze, develop, reanalyze, adjust development, and on in a creation cycle.

Remember, this process is ultimately about meeting the user’s goals. But it’s also about using the most efficient strategic process to do so. User experience reduces the risk that you’ll design the wrong product for your target audience. It’s about saving you grief as well as time and money.