By- The Outsourcing Institute

Executive Expert Interview BTs RPA and Cognitive CoE Leader Gourav Datta

Ahead of OAISS London, Gourav Datta, CoE Lead at British Telecom, sat down with Daniel Goodstein, President at the Outsourcing Institute & IRPA AI Media & Events to explore how to drive more value and efficiencies in an organization with automation, cognitive and digital services, as well as how to get there in this exclusive video interview.

In this interview, Gourav explores:

– British Telecom’s core strategy
– Key difference between tactical automation vs scaling
– What happens when the whole business is not agile (business, IT, finance, HR)?
– The roadblocks that British Telecom hit while scaling
– And more

Gourav Datta will participate on a panel about the rise of the AI enabled enterprise and how to leveraged AI and automation to enable a smarter enterprise at OAISS London, on May 24th at Morrison & Foerster on One Ropemaker Street in London.

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