By- The Outsourcing Institute

Digital – The Key to Unlocking Operational Transformation: New Techniques for Process Optimization

Today’s companies are no longer satisfied with traditional slow-burn outsourcing models. To achieve improvements in business outcomes as well as step changes in process costs, they must match skills with new “digital” competitors, with the following objectives:

  • Greater automation and digitalization of both front- and back-office activity resulting in a step change in both cost and customer engagement
  • Better contract flexibility with a new emphasis on delivering business outcomes
  • Improved ability to identify and implement change with reduced time to benefit

Featured Expert Speaker:
John Willmott, CEO, NelsonHall
Our series of four webinars will explore how organizations can achieve these goals

Before organizations can focus on “change the business initiatives”, they must optimize their core processes by using a dedicated emphasis on cloud infrastructure, cloud-based platforms, and RPA. This webinar will explore the new techniques and tools available to them.