By- Outsourcing Institute

Achieving Holistic Governance in Multisourced Environments

This timely webinar will help you successfully navigate the changing landscape of today’s IT environment and improving multi-vendor governance.
Today’s IT environment is more complex than ever before. Organizations are faced with a daunting array of devices, services and vendors. Choosing among and integrating these new options for the best possible business outcome creates a host of new concerns. As organizations embrace innovative and distinct technologies, can they ensure the integrity of their service offerings? How can companies maintain a consistent level of quality across the board, providing a seamless transition to their customers? And by welcoming new providers, must a level of security necessarily be sacrificed?


Following are some highlights of what you will hear from our speakers:

  • Learn how to achieve a holistic ecosystem approach, tight integration between IT buyers and vendors to integrate and automate support processes, manage ITSM service cases end-to-end and connect all participants (customers, partners, service provider, vendors)
  • Case Study: Learn how Cisco has helped a global telecommunication company by streamlining incident management, cutting implementation time by more than half, improving real-time SLA and ticket updates, and thereby providing a much higher level of service and faster issue resolution