By- Antonio Ramírez

How to Achieve Great User Experience

We have two pieces of advice for you if you want to make sure you are giving your customers the best experience possible.

The first piece of advice is this: Make sure your company and whatever websites, apps, or services they provide are functional, easy to use, accessible, and desirable.

  • Functional: Simply put, they have to work. If your app glitches or is slow, people will run away as fast as they can. They won’t wait around for it to work better. You test every piece of digital product as many times as necessary to make sure it works every time.
  • Easy to use: It’s all great if a website works, but if it is complicated to use, again, you’ll lose users faster than you can complain about it. Remember that not everyone is a computer genius and not everyone has the time, patience, or ability to figure a site out. Be clear, streamlined, and obvious so that your customer doesn’t have to work at it.
  • Accessible: How can you expect to retain customers if your website, apps, and other services aren’t even accessible to everyone! Make sure that everyone can enjoy your product, no matter how they need to access it. And this applies to more than just the digital side. Make sure you open your company up to anyone who wants to access it.
  • Desirable: What’s the point of working so hard to create something that the customer doesn’t even like or want? Make sure that you are engaging in user research from the beginning and throughout the process to make sure you are creating something that they actually want. And make sure it looks and feels nice. Make sure it is a pleasure to use.

Secondly: Make sure that every aspect of your company is aligned towards giving users a great experience, from marketing to customer service. Everybody should be on the same page when it comes to functionality, usability, accessibility, and desirability. It’s not just about a digital product, it’s about every interaction the customer has with your company.

Your company has to work. It has to be easy to understand. It has to be accessible. And it has to be desirable.

Do this, and you’ll be attracting, converting, and retaining customers like crazy. Don’t do this…and you’ll continue to lose them.