By- The Outsourcing Institute

Executive Interview: Outsourcing vs. Automation with Ian Barkin, Chief Strategy Officer at Symphony Ventures

Join Outsourcing Institute president Daniel Goodstein as he discusses the changes to the Outsourcing business, the shift to automation and the successes and failures involved in RPA and automating Enterprises.

The interview explores:

  • The New Outsourcing and what is broken- Shift to Digital
  • Benefits of RPA vs. Unrealiatic Expectations
  • Best Practices for digital implentation: Build, buy, or partner
  • Automation¬†Journey- Where to Start?
  • Building an internal CoE


Symphony Ventures is co-chairing the Outsourcing, Automation & Innovation Seminar Series (OAISS), which is the premier multi-city roadshow that combines education and execution designed for those of you seeking to learn about the latest trends in automation-fueled services.

Ian Barkin says it best when he says that, “It’s a tremendous way for the community to come together to share experiences and to educate one another.”

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